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Professor Dave Cass dies

It is with a great sense of sorrow that I must report that Professor Dave Cass of the Department of Economics of the University of Pennsylvania has passed away.  The Chair of the economics department sent an email to the community indicating that he had passed away.
David Cass played a significant role in my intellectual and ethical development.  It was Dave in the middle 1990s who showed me up close and personal how university intrusion into the private lives of students and professors represents an abuse of power and functions to needlessly hurt couples who simply want to be left alone.  Dave had the inner strength to directly confront and challenge his accusers.  David Cass and Claudia Stachel became the first student professor couple to come forward publicly and declare their right to have a private life and simply be left alone.  He encouraged me to write about their experiences, and I did so.  One can read my article on the “Cass Case” by clicking here.
Last August, Dave and I communicated concerning the initiation of the dankprofessor blog.  We decided to create a post devoted to the many aspects of his fight against sexual correctness and sexual repression. Click here to read this post.  In September of last year we were scheduled to meet in Philadelphia to brainstorm on matters of mutual concern.  Due to my own health problems, on very short notice I had to postpone our meeting.  Much to my sorrow there will now be no meeting.  I was planning to meet with him this forthcoming September.
I know that Dave’s contributions to the field of economics were huge and that he successfully mentored many students who went on to become successful economists and academicians.
Personally, I will do what I can to communicate to others the good works of Professor David Cass.
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