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Just words?

In my last post I quoted the following from ABC News as reported by Susan Donaldson James-“In 1989, Chicago lawyer Michelle Robinson was assigned the role of adviser to a summer associate from Harvard University her future husband and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

According to an interview in the Illinois Journal Gazette and Times-Courier, she took the high road and refused to go out with Obama for a month.”

And, of course, the implication remains that Michelle took the low road when she went out with Barack.

Given the recent presidential campaign rhetoric, should one write this off as “just words”? I think not. ABC attributes the high road phrasing to the Illinois Journal Gazette and the Times-Courier. I could not find any such phrasing in the aforementioned publication. The high road phrasing was that of ABC News.

Implying that Michelle Obama took the low road when she decided to date Barack, is a journalistic low blow. What is clear is that the road taken by ABC in this news report was not the high road.

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