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Friends, viewers and confreres of all persuasions, although I love this blogging thing, I am going to have to take somewhat of a hiatus.  I am going to be traveling returning to our cozy village in early October.  Although, I will have my computer with me, as some of you know, I need all sorts of paraphernelia to type on a computer, I cannot sit and type, I may be able to write some short missives and if my 2 back operations really have paid off, I may be able to write a few longer ones.  In any case, upon my full return to the blog,  I guarantee that you will be reading some very interesting posts.  And if any of you live in the area of Morehead City, NC, drop me an email, and maybe we can get together for coffee and conversation.  And last, but not least, blog friends,  do become unhibited as to putting comments in response to posts; I will value all comments, including all dissenting comments.  Anonymous comments are, of course, permitted.

Barry aka the dankprofessor

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