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Gonzaga University shields known rapists?

Gonzaga University student Melissa Kelsay makes an excellent point when she writes in the online Gonzaga Bulletin that
university policy functions to shield students who have been found by the university to have raped a Gonzaga student. What upsets Ms. Kelsay and now upsets the dankprofessor is the following from Gonzaga Student Handbook 2007-2008: “Sanctions for rape: Students found responsible for rape will be suspended or dismissed from the University at least until such time as the reporting party is no longer enrolled in their current course of study.”

Ms. Kelsay writes-

Gonzaga University makes quite a statement in their stance on sexual assault. Of particular interest to me is the conflict-avoidance method the administration seems to default to in cases of sexual assault. The floundering of the University judicial system in such cases is an injustice that requires more in-depth analysis, but this particular stance is plain and simple: Gonzaga condones sexual misconduct. What kind of academic institution allows a dangerous threat to the student community to return at all? What kind of statement is the University making? So long as the immediate conflict is hushed and any bad publicity is avoided, a known rapist can return to campus?

Can anyone take the administration seriously if they hold that a person they believe to have raped a student is not a threat to other students? The dankprofessor is totally baffled. Might the University have a defense for said policy?

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