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OK, my first post.  So this post will function as a partial intro to me and the blog as I envision it.  Who am I in this present moment?  Retired emeritus prof of sociology, cal state long beach living in the southern arizona village of Tubac.  A few of my upcoming posts may deal with Tubac and its environs, but most of my posts will deal with issues relating to sexual and political correctness issues in university life with an expected focus on student professor romantic relationships.  I say expected since this has been my focus for the last 15 years or so.  I am also editor of the academic quarterly, SEXUALITY AND CULTURE , published by Springer NYC.  However, as specific sexual politics issues develop outside ot the university, I may choose to deal with said issues.   Of course, this blog will not follow a particularly  scholarly or academic framework, but will be freewheeling.  Input is expected and hoped for from others who share my concerns.  Input is particularly sought from others who have been victimized by Big Brother and Sister policies of their universities.  I expect that this blog will be appreciated by those who value individual liberty, personal responsibility and privacy that are worth preserving even in our contemporary universities .

If you wish, you can write to me directly at dankprofessor@msn.com

Barry M. Dank aka the dankprofessor.

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