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2008 dankprofessor blog review and awards

Here are the five 2008 posts which received the most views along with the number of views. 
Harvard coeds to go nude                                                            5,106
University students engage in public sex                                  2,652
A passionate defense of student professor relationships       2,210
UNM Prof Lisa Chavez speaks out                                             1,991
Sadomasochistic posing professor found fit to teach             1,761

And the story that received the most views was Lisa Chavez and the University of New Mexico– 7,754

And the dankprofessor awards for 2008

to the university having the worst record in dealing with sexual civil liberties issues- the University of Iowa and UC, Irvine

to the university demonstrating the best record in protecting the sexual rights of students and professors- the University of New Mexico

to the professor demonstrating the greatest fortitude in the context of sexual intrusion and the attempted diminution of ones sexual rights- Lisa Chavez of the University of New Mexico

to the academic who most consistently and vehemently attacked the sexual rights and privacy of a fellow academic- Professor Sharon Warner of the University of New Mexico

and to the person in the popular culture who most impressed the dankprofessor in terms of speaking out for sexual rights- Keith Olbermann of MS-NBC

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