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Sexual Obsessives and Yale

The Daily Telegraph engages in shoddy journalism when it stated the following about the Yale embroglio-

As the Ivy League alma mater of five U.S. presidents, 18 Nobel laureates and countless captains of industry, Yale has one of the loftiest names in education.

But the $40,000-a-year university has found its reputation being dragged through the mud by a sex scandal that threatens to leave a stain on 300 years of academic excellence.

Oh, please, a stain on 300 years of academic excellence. The antics of some fraternity chaps at Yale has nothing to do with academic excellence. Academic excellence and fraternity mischiefs both have long histories at Yale and I expect at all so-called Ivy League colleges.  They co-exist in their own separate realities.

And as for the Daily Telegraph assertion that there is a sex scandal at Yale, the dankprofessor asks “What sex scandal?”  Filing complaints about frat boy pranks does not make a sex scandal unless one is a sexual obsessive.

April 9, 2011 - Posted by | higher education, sexual harassment, sexual politics, United Kingdom, Yale University

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  1. Yes, “sexually obsessive” is what most feminists are! They are obsessive enough to demonize male interest in women, and infantilize female interest in men. They want colleges and businesses to attempt to monitor outside, consensual activities, between two consenting adults. Never mind that Sexual Harassment Policies are in place to address legitimate cases of coercion and abuse. These feminists deem the woman to be unable to consent to dating, as though she was still below the age of consent!
    In recent years, some of these feminists have included a man in the lower status position to similarly lack consent to dating. I, as a single male, say that is sheer rubbish! To say that any adult lacks the right and capacity to agree to dating is “political correctness” gone wild, a form of Left Wing McCarthyism! When will it end? I believe that will come when a court rules that “dating bans” are a violation of individual Civil Rights. You can include Constitutional Rights, when dealing with public institutions and workplaces. I am confident that day will come soon, as it is long overdue!

    Comment by Donald Visconti | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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