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Case Western Reserve policy on consensual relationships

Case Western Reserve has developed a rather detailed consensual relationships policy for students, faculty and staff.  It is essentially of the boilerplate genre, but it does include a couple of patently “absurd” statements; examples follow and then the dankprofessor comments.
Faculty, staff, and students may not use, in a sexual
harassment proceeding, a defense based upon
consent when the facts establish that a real and/or
implied supervisory power differential existed within
the relationship.
Wow! Consent is impossible in power differentiated relationships.  Case has
bought into the hardcore feminist position that differential power precludes consent, no exceptions. Ideologues rule here.
It is expected that all members of the university
community comply with the Consensual Relationship
Policy. When relationships covered by this policy develop,
responsibility for reporting the relationship falls to the
person with greater supervisory authority. Relationships
covered by this policy that go unreported will be
investigated by the Faculty Diversity Office, Employee
Relations, and/or the Office of Student Affairs.
Now this one beyond the fringe, so to speak.  How can relationships that go unreported be investigated?   Will the university have undercover persons on campus who will forward secretly info on suspected couples, but such will not be reported?  The dankprofessor confesses to be totally baffled by this one.

May 28, 2010 - Posted by | consensual relationships, higher education, sex, sexual harassment, sexual politics, student-prof dating

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  1. When will “politically correct” institutions ever learn??
    1) If real sexual harassment took place, the harassing acts are in question, not the fact that the parties may have consensually dated. For example, say a student went to dinner once with a teacher. She then didn’t want it to go any further. If the professor gave her a “C”, when she clearly deserved an “A”, THAT would constitute a transgression on part the teacher, not the fact that they had that 1 consensual dinner date!
    2)If a professor/teaching assistant goes out consensually with a student, is the professor/teaching assistant supposed to “report” him/herself? What if he/she rightfully felt it was nobody’s business-just between the 2 of them? Then, as the dankprofessor says, will the university have “undercover spies” who will report personal, off campus contacts, between students & professors/teaching assistants? This sounds like the French Revolution, where even a report of questionable activities to Maximilian Robespierre could send someone to the guillotine!
    It’s high time that concerned faculty members & students too sign a “Declination of Compliance” Statement. This would affirm their non-compliance with any ban on consensual dating, while at the same time denouncing actual sexual harassment!

    Comment by Donald Visconti | May 31, 2010 | Reply

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