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The mother of Samantha Geimer as suspect

Sometimes comments come into the dankprofessor blog which I feel merit attention as a full fledged post.  Here is a comment from Samskara on Polanski Defenders and Rape Baiting which is now published as a post-

I’ll relate a story I read and heard on Russian actress/model Olga Kurylenko (“Hitman” and “Quantum of Solace”). While in Russia, standing in a food line with her mother, a man noticed her and wanted to photograph her. He said he was an ‘agent’, however, given the Russian underground trade in sex slaves to Thailand and other places, Mrs. Kurylenko (Olga’s mother) refused to believe that this guy was on the up-and-up. So she decided to accompany Olga to this ‘meeting’. It turned out that he was in fact, a bonafide photographer with international connections into the modeling business. Olga, with her mother by her side, signed the contract and lo and behold, she’s a model.

The reason I’m telling this story? Well ever since that day until Olga turned 21, Mrs. Kurylenko accompanied Olga wherever she went, all over the world, no matter where it was. As a Russian scientist, Mrs. Kurylenko knew the money Olga was making was significant and could make a difference as to her daughter’s future. The one thing that Mrs. Kurylenko didn’t do, was allow Olga to go off on her own with anyone until she came of age.

How does this relate to Roman and his story? Plenty. I still say, how much of this whole thing is to be blamed solely on the mother? All of it. What mother allows their young daughter to go off with a man known for his proclivities for liking young-er women? Only a mother who plainly has an ulterior motive. As a woman, I have the right to say this. I have the right to question where Mrs. Gailey’s ethics were. I don’t believe in morals. They’re for those who ascribe to some kind of religious system of believe. I don’t. I’m more in line of a left-of-liberal leaning humanist. While I agree with the fact that as sexual beings we should be able to do whatever we want in terms of our bedrooms, I also believe that there should be an effort to protrect those who may be vulnerable in our culture. But in this case, there was no ‘vulnerable’ little creature to protect. And anyone who doesn’t understand that Geimer was already sexually mature, don’t see the larger picture. And for those who think that it’s ‘okay’ to state things like “if it where your 13 year-old daughter, you’d think differently…” They’re just blowing shit up their own asses. If I had a 13 year-old daughter, I certainly would not be sending her off with someone I didn’t even know that well. Like Olga Kurylenko, I would want to be there to protect my daughter, not send her off to fend for herself.

In a culture that embraces the absurd and the sick, like the American’s do (I’m Canadian), I think it’s ridiculous that most of the condemnation is coming from the US. They’re professing to be this ‘hard-done-by’ nation, yet they love ruling over the world when it comes to global law. And Roman Polanski is not a whipping boy for all that is wrong with the US. Their lawmakers are. And considering that they have worse REAL pedophiles within their own government like those of the C-Street band who believe it’s perectly okay to rape a six year-old and confess it and have it called a ‘power enhancing experience’, but to break with their bretheren is punishable by death, that’s whacked up to me

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  1. Hi Barry.

    I came across this writing of yours. I didn’t know or had forgotten that you have this weblog. I am impressed by your insightful comments and agree fully with everything you say. Mrs. Gailey is to blame 100% for anything that happened to her daughter that night at Jack Nicholson’s house. A mother who truly cares about her daughter’s safety would never drop her off unattended at the home of a “notorious” director and actor. Samantha Gailey was not “model material,” she was not a virgin and she had previously used drugs as well. Considering her character, this case should have been thrown out years ago. The only possible good outcome of this debacle is that Roman may be able to return to Hollywood to live and work. I hope we see him on stage accepting his Oscar for The Ghostwriter next year.

    Comment by Marisa Lorah | January 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. Actually, her mother did not drop her off in all the two photo sessions they had done outside her very own home. Polanski had done a photoshoot long before the last one behind their own house in the garden, and then several months later only he drove with Geimer first to Jacqueline Bisset’s house, before they went to Nicholson’s house right after that same day for better light. So we’re talking three sessions in all done within a whole year they all knew each other, as an official assignment for Vogue, and no one was prevented from accompanying them both as still assumed, or was returned by him so he could be alone with her. The two drove to the houses in his car with the mother having left clothes for her staying behind, and the girl said to him she didn’t really like her mother to be snooping around their photo sessions anyway. She was much livelier once away from her. Bisset and her guests testified to their being there and having taken photos, never thinking she was that young.

    The mother wanted her daughter to get into the business as directly as possible, via Polanski, while she didn’t bother with the older daughter for his ‘professional interest’. He tried his best to turn Geimer into a model, since he himself wasn’t really that impressed with either of them, or the mother’s boyfriend’s penchant for porn magazines, after he had done the previous year Vogue feature with beauty Kinski in 1976. He had already an affair with Kinski since then for a whole three years, until they parted after ‘Tess’ in ‘79. But it all went wrong for someone to cry rape and sodomy, to gain more publicity and the girl attention, and the family quickly pressed for that plea bargain once rape and sodomy could not be proven by medical evidence already then – only for the pompous judge to have his own racist ideas with Polanski and it all went even more wrong. The Gaileys went underground soon after Polanski had fled the US and were glad he ran off, to be forgotten too. Geimer later often enough stated it wasn’t rape, contradicting herself in various subtle ways, and campaigned more and more to see the case dismissed each time Polanski came too close to being extradited, or the case reopened for a retrial.

    I personally doubt he will ever step foot back onto US soil, either by extradition, or once freed, willingly. The US have caused him unbelievable pain since a whole forty years now, first with his wife’s murder in 1969 and following months of accusations and sensationalistic media abuse, and then again after Geimer, and now even more in a frenzied witchhunt unheard of. All because he never had any faith in the US ‘justice’ system he escaped from, run by the media, as he put it. And so far, he has been proven right, since only now the current judges handling the case woke up to what really had happened behind closed doors in their own chambers in ‘77/8, and that no one ever corrected any of these judicial improprieties and backroom dealings in over thirty years.

    Comment by Novalis Lore | January 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Around the same time Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields were the age. Brooke Shields was shown as a girl brought up in a brothel and Jodie Foster was a vagrant forced into prostitution. Pretty Baby and Tax Driver were big hits. When it suits the Americans, there is nothing wrong young girls appearing in film which talks about prostitution openly. Perhaps these girls already had had sexual experience and did not find it shocking or repulsive. These two girls were out of so many hundreds of girls trying to get a part. To get into the entertainment industry you have to sell your soul. It is how far you are willing to go, to get a part.

    Comment by Jeddy | July 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Indeed – I argued that often enough. I was in my 20s in the 70s. I KNOW.

      Comment by Novalis Lore | July 18, 2010 | Reply

  4. I call crap. Okay so first you say:

    While I agree with the fact that as sexual beings we should be able to do whatever we want in terms of our bedrooms, I also believe that there should be an effort to protect those who may be vulnerable in our culture.

    THEN: But in this case, there was no ‘vulnerable’ little creature to protect.

    That’s a judgment that you or I cannot make. I’ve worked as a teacher and have known for 4 and 5 yr olds to exhibit sexual behavior towards one another. You’re right we are humans, all of us. Does this mean they’re no longer ‘vulnerable’ to protect? Or if you add 9 yrs to their ages, and throw in a girl who’s eager to model?

    Point blank it doesn’t matter if she was fucking left and right, boozing, etc. The BURDEN lies on the adult in the situation, who is without a doubt not vulnerable. Bottom line, he committed a crime. Before facing his punishment, he fled the country.

    We don’t have to talk about religion, morals, or opinions. He was wrong, and he didn’t “suffer” (faced some shame and embarrassment at most. But a matter of fact, I think the string of movies and his cushy lifestyle may have helped soften that blow.

    I think you just wanted to rant about the US, that’s fine…but at the expense of a kid, or on behalf of people who think this is okay…that’s just wrong.

    Comment by ummm...did I miss something | September 8, 2010 | Reply

  5. ummm…did I miss something :

    “…but at the expense of a kid…”

    What kid? She’d admitted to having taken Quaaludes before, been drunk before, having had sex TWICE before Polanski and for what? Her mother was never charged with child neglect as she should have been or would have been had she been an inner city mother on welfare. Samantha would have been put in Foster Care due to her mother’s ill-attention. But since Susan Gailey was a WASPy woman living in the ‘burbs, anything she did to facillitate this was forgotten by the prosecutor and everyone else other than those of us who are indignant that she never acoompanied her daughter as a chapperone. Unlike Olga Kurylenko’s mother who was with her daughter until she was old enough to handle situations herself. Susan Gailey should not be sanctified for her bad behaviour as a mother. She’d had her oldest daughter in rehab for Quaalude addiction and she let her youngest run around unchecked.

    As for that ‘suffering’ you want Polanski to undergo, quit the grandstanding. Roger Gunson, the original prosecutor in the case, gave a deposition to Polanski’s lawyers stating that Polanski not only served whatever time he did back in 1977 with his psyche evaluation at Chino State Prison, but served more time that what was warranted under the statute he was charged under. So are you going to say that Roger Gunson is wrong? Go ahead, I dare you. And no, Polanski hasn’t faced embarassment, he’s suffered terrible defamation, libel and slander at the hands of people such as yourself who refuse to educate yourselves on the FACTS of the case. And that alone makes your ‘opinions’ or anything else you have to say, moot.

    Comment by Samskara | September 9, 2010 | Reply

    • Hear hear, Samskara, spot on rebuke.

      Comment by Novalis Lore | September 9, 2010 | Reply

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