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The Tenant of Chinatown

Dave Phillips has published an interesting essay on Polanski on his blog The Tenant of Chinatown.  Phillips is one of the few analysts (possibly the only analyst) who has gone into a microanalysis of the sexual encounter between Polanski and Geimer in attempting to determine whether said encounter represents rape beyond “statutory” rape.

Phillip’s analysis is heavily based on the grand jury testimony of Polanski and  Geimer. Of course, relying on said testimony is problematic since there is no cross examination of witnesses testifying before a grand jury.  Given that the allegations against Polanski never reached the adversarial stage since a plea bargain was reached due to the request of the Geimer’s family that she not be subjected to cross examination at a trial, it is likely that the specifics of this case will continue to remain clouded.

In his analyis, Phillips is concerned about the “real” motives of Geimer and her mother.  Given his skepticism and critical acumen, the dankprofessor finds it somewhat surprising that he never speculates why Geimer has repeatedly insisted that she wants no part of a Polanski trial and has called for the charges against Polanski be dropped. Possibly, said insistence may be due to a fear that if she is subjected to cross examination loopholes in her original grand jury testimony may be discovered.

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  1. Thanks, Barry. But, I in fact ‘speculated’ at length on this from several angles, and anyone else’s ‘motives’ in this messy case. I gave plenty of input to think twice about her version only, to give him a voice of defence for once too many want to silence. But as long as there’s no retrial, none of the grey areas will ever be illuminated, to expose the finer details in exactly such cross examinations. Let’s hope Espinoza is a better lawmaker to see to that than his shady preprocessors and lift these clouds.

    Comment by Novalis Lore | January 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] As for rape victims, speaking up in support of Polanski, click here and for a detailed account of the circumstances involves in the Geimer statutory rape, click here. […]

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  3. testing on police brutality day

    Comment by Sonny | October 22, 2010 | Reply

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