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Identity revealed of Belle de Jour blogger

The identity of the Belle de Jour blogger has been revealed.  She is Brooks Magnanti a child health researcher at the University of Bristol.

Belle de Jour portrayed the life of Dr. Magnanti as a call girl and her stories were eventually turned into three books and a TV series, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” .  She told the Sunday Times that she got into sex work to support her finishing her Ph.D. 

On her Belle de Jour blog,  Magnanti stated:

Anonymity had a purpose then – it will always have a reason to exist, for writers whose work is too damaging or too controversial to put their names on. But for me, it became important to acknowledge that aspect of my life and my personality to the world at large.

I am a woman. I lived in London. I was a call girl.

The people, the places, the actions and feelings are as true now as they were then, and I stand behind every word with pride. Thank you for reading and following my adventures.

Magnanti also reported that her university colleagues have been “amazingly kind and supportive”.  And the University of Bristol said her past was of no relevance to her university position.

Wow! Supportive colleagues and a supportive university administration.  Such would be a pipedream in the United States.

November 15, 2009 - Posted by | prostitution, sex, sexual politics, University of Bristol

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