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Targeting Polanski in jail or prison

In one of my recent posts, on The Polanski Danger, I took the LA Times to task for claiming that Polanski remains a danger to others and therefore he should extradited and be sentenced for his crime.

What I failed to note is if Polanski is returned to the LA County jail system or to a California prison, he will be in a state of danger.  He will become a target for those inmates who want to make a name for themselves by killing a celebrity or a target of many inmates who hate child molesters since they had been molested as a child.  Of course, in an attempt to avoid this Polanski in effect would be put in solitary confinement.

Bringing Polanski back in will cause more suffering, including more suffering by Polanski’s victim.  I guess somebody must win if Polanski returns.  Who might that be other than Steve Cooley? Well, the dankprofessor knows that justice will not be the winner.

November 3, 2009 - Posted by | rape, Roman Polanski, sex, sexual politics


  1. […] see follow-up post- Targeting Polanski in jail or prison. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Different rules for the rich & famous? […]

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  2. I doubt he will end up in any US prison – if so, they’ll have him in solitary alright. Can’t risk it, the public outcry would be enormous. I hope they’ll wave the count of flight, and toss out the ‘reneged’ sentence.

    Back then he would have faced the same prison where Manson was held, come face to face with his wife’s butchers. What a horrid prospect. No wonder he snapped.


    Comment by demoy | November 8, 2009 | Reply

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