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Sharon Tate’s sister calls for Polanski release

Debra Tate, the younger sister of Sharon Tates has called for the release of Polanski from a Swiss jail.  Watch her on MSNBC by clicking here.  The interview with Debra comes at the end of the segment, and it is definitely worth waiting for.  You will also find the text of the interview.

October 20, 2009 - Posted by | Debra Tate, litigation, rape, Roman Polanski, sex, sexual politics, Sharon Tate


  1. ‘Very serious’ crime’? The newscaster said? Gee, why can’t they ever get the facts right – and they keep saying ‘avoided sentencing’, yeah, the SECOND and illegal sentencing Rittenband had ordered.

    I like Debra, and I like/d Sharon – Dance of the Vampires is my most favourite film in fact.

    Obviously this ‘statutory rape’ law is unconstitutional and unfair. It should be abolished and each case evaluated on a case to case/evidence base. Or at least get a new name – not ‘rape’ – Unlawful sex sounds already much friendlier, but it’s not good enough – this ‘law’ has to go. I don’t even wanna know how many men got done in the US alone for zilch.


    Comment by demoy | November 8, 2009 | Reply

    • hm. Quite interesting how fervent you are against rape law. Sounds like you think men have the right to do whatever the hell they want to girls and women. Or just wishful thinking, perhaps?

      The sentencing was not illegal. What Polanski did was illegal.

      And this was rape.

      Comment by julie | November 14, 2009 | Reply

      • Julie – you din’t get it, as usual. DeMoy argued against the unlawful sex law, not any rape laws, which are not the same. Seems you still have issues yourself with your own ‘wishful thinking’.

        And, you obviously have no first clue about the juristic side of this case either – there never was any sentencing, what Polanski was inside for was an evaluation term, and in fact precluded from serving as any sentencing, and that’s why the judge was removed after he used it as punishment and then reneged on their plea bargain he had agreed on.

        But I’m sure you know better. So go on, live in your rape and sodomy victim fantasy world, where you only allow the ‘victim’s’ voice to be heard while all other hard evidence and statements pointing to the accused’s innocence are conveniently corrupted and ignored.

        Comment by Novalis Lore | January 10, 2010

      • Julie:

        Men don’t have the right to do whatever they wish, just like women don’t have the right to do whatever they wish. As a woman who was raped and one who believes in the equality of the sexes, we cannot truly be equal unless we as women take responsiblity for what we do. Where is the responsibility from Samantha Geimer’s mother? Where is she supposed to take responsibility for allowing her daughter to go off with a veritable stranger?

        Rape is illegal, yes, but then so is perjury, which is exactly what Samantha Geimer was engaging in when she gave her testimony to the Grand Jury. She claimed he’d sodomized her, yet there was no proof he had. No tearing or bruising of the anus. She also claimed he’d ejaculated twice in her, yet according to the foresic evidence, there was no ejaculate. And anyone who lies there and waits for the guy to come back and ‘do it again’ is either someone who has an ulterior motive up her sleeve, or a moron. I’m not quite sure what Samantha Geimer is or isn’t. I know what she is clearly not, a survivor of rape.

        I’ll point you to my blog post about what happened to me when I WAS raped the same year of Geimer’s ‘incident’:

        What we have here in Polanski’s case, is something akin to a kangaroo court. Having written to one of the reporters who convered the case back in 1977, I found out that Rittenband was what this reporter called, “A Brilliant Sociopath” who quite likely had had underage sex with teenagers as young as Geimer. In those kinds of power structures, they take whatever they want because they are in power. Go research the case of Evelyn Nesbit and Stanford White and Harry K. Thaw. There was proof that White had raped Nesbit, the so called ‘Girl on the Velvet Swing’, a little aphrodisiac Stanny had up in his tower in Madison Square Gardens. There he delighted in doing whatever it was he wished with nubile young girls who had less power than Geimer does today.

        Men like White and JP Morgan and others, used to have dinners where they discussed ruling the world and partook of young girls as young as 7 and 8. Ones taken from orphanages to be used by these men. Men like Rittenband who held Roman Polanski up to a different standard than he apparently did himself. I don’t know if it was jealousy, or something else, but what Rittenband did was illegal. He’d made a living as a judge who consorted with thugs and gansters. His hands were not clean and he wanted to make an example of Roman Polanski. Did Roman Polanski have to stay and accept judgement just because you and others believe Samantha Geimer was violated? No! If other men were not held to the same standard as Polanski, then Roman Polanski is not the whipping boy for you and your ilk’s ‘feminist’ agenda.

        The whole case against Roman Polanski is rife with illegalities. From the mother’s behaviour on up to the judge’s. If you want to vent your indignation at anything, vent it at Steve Cooley, the DA who is handling this case now. California is cash strapped. The taxpayer is alreay paying more taxes then they should and there’s still no guarantee California will balance their budget this year. Yet, Cooley has managed to find the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has to carry on with this ridiculous case. There are rape kits rotting in evidence lockers that will never go tested because there is no money to test them. Where’s your indignity for that travesty? This all because some stupid DA in California wants to make a name for himself as being the one who brought down Roman Polanski. Well, kudos to him. And kudos to you for thinking this will be a remedy to your own sense of injustice.

        And according to Samantha Geimer, it was NOT rape. Her words: “It wasn’t rape. He never hurt me. The system hurt me more. It can all go away.” I’ll tell you, no rape victim EVER wants it to just go away and no rape victim I’ve known, ever files two affidavits to get all charges dismissed against their rapist.

        Comment by Samskara | January 11, 2010

  2. Your comment
    “Sounds like you think men have the right to do whatever the hell they want to girls and women. Or just wishful thinking, perhaps?”

    Julie, why can’t we enage is a civil exchange? Was the referenced comment really necessary?

    Comment by dankprofessor | November 15, 2009 | Reply

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