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Response to Boston Globe op ed on Polanski

The Boston Globe published an op ed piece on Roman Polanski.  Following is my response which was published as a comment-

Graff concludes her essay with a “bring him home”. The ‘him’ of course being Roman Polanski.https://dankprofessor.wordpress.com/2009/10/07/on-roman-polanski/

But if she knew anything about Polanski she would know that Polanski did not and does not have a home except for one period of time. That time being when he was married to Sharon Tate. Whatever home he had then was terminated
when the so-called Manson family killed Sharon Tate, killed Sharon and Roman’s baby to be and killed two dear friends of Roman who he had asked to stay with Sharon while he was in London. So his respite with a domestic life ended. Before that he lived in France and before that in Poland where he witnessed the mass murders of the Holocaust and lost his mother to the Nazi murderers.

Nothing to do with his 1977 illegal sex with a child of 13 you say. Please, welcome to never never land. Terror hurts and is long lasting, nine years is nothing. But all too many want to know nothing about Polanski; they don’t want to know about him so they can engage in a guilt free stoning. Maybe after the stoning if they say oh my God what have I done, maybe then they might feel guilt. But now before the stoning, before justice occurs maybe they might learn a little bit about survival guilt. Yes, this is the sort of guilt that Polanski suffered from-
tortuous guilt, if only I had not gone to London, I should have been able to do something,
I should have been with them. I should have died. To find out about Polanski rent the last film he made prior to the 1977 rape; the film is THE TENANT, made in 76, directed by Polanski,
and starring Polanski, starring him because the film was about surivior guilt and madness; it was about him. See my post on this if you care to understand-

And no I am not a celebrity and not a part of any elite and I am not an apologist for Polanski. All I ask is that people do not embrace revenge under the guise of justice, and that they open their eyes- wide open. Maybe once they hav e done this, they will understand how truly devastating the consequences were of the Manson murders.

Home, Polanski’s only home or escape if you will has been thru his movies which, of course, have been horror movies most of the time and that is what we are dealing with people- horror.

October 17, 2009 - Posted by | rape, Roman Polanski, sex, sexual politics, suicide, The Tenant


  1. Um, if I wouldn’t know better I’d ask, why call it ‘rape’, Barry? We know it wasn’t. Why don’t you call it what it was, unlawful sex with a minor. That’s what he pleaded guilty to, and that’s what he did time for.

    Right before corrupt Rittenband made him an exile. I was there – and when the Manson butchers killed his wife, let alone life. And now the first stone has been cast already by treacherous hands. Wasn’t her name Emma? Wow, I can sound dramatic. Is sarcasm aptly applied to this witch-hunt trial?


    Comment by demoy | November 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Made the change that demoy suggested.

    Comment by dankprofessor | November 9, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thanks for doing so. But actually, just to point you to another word that’s not quite correct – is ‘child’. Geimer wasn’t a child anymore as per legal definition, but adolescent.

    Comment by demoy | November 16, 2009 | Reply

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