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Female student response on disgusting professors

The dankprofessor needs to give more visibility to a comment by a female student on the disgusting professor post.  So here it is as a separate post-

I am an intelligent, twenty year old, female student and I have been attracted to multiple professors–none of which were balding, middle-aged, or disgusting.

The reality is that, a lot of the time, professors at universities are NOT drastically older than their students. Nearly half of my professors have been less than fifteen years older than me, which makes them far from middle-aged. And this is just argument for the sake of argument. Because, in reality, age is nothing but a number and ought to have no bearing on the issue.

Furthermore, the teachers that I have been attracted to, were attractive in the degree to which they were LESS disgusting than other men that I’ve met. They are rational, sensitive, inquisitive, socially involved, and far from “scheming pedophiles.” These two issues (catholic preist pedophilia and student-teacher passions) simply can’t be compared if only for the sheer fact that twenty year old girls are adults. I am an adult. Sorry to break it to you, Mr. Ringmar.

I am even somewhat involved with a former professor of mine. We are friends, but our friendship has negotiable boundaries. And for the record he is only 28. He is working toward his Doctorate. He has never disrespected me.

That is the reality of things.

April 30, 2009 - Posted by | attractive professors, consensual relationships, ethics, higher education, love, NCTU, sex, sexual politics, sexual rights, student professor dating


  1. This professor seems more inclined to date little girls than women. Despite his claims that all his dating relationships with students were healthy, I pose this question – did you ever date female students who were OLDER than you? I doubt it – that would not have given you the sense of control that you craved. I have no problem with professors dating consenting students as long as they are dating equals – which should include people of the same age as well as older and younger. Why date a woman 15 years younger than you if you would not date a woman 15 years older? Too much woman for you?? Chris

    Comment by Chris | May 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Chris,

    I will be happy to answer your question. Of course, I dated female students who were older than myself. I even went a step further and the woman I married and am still married to was older than myself when I met her as a student in my class and remains older than myself as my wife. We age together in sickness,and in health. So much for your inclinations Chris, and so much for your imputation that my cravings are for control. If you knew me for who I am, you would know that I am committed to “freedom” and personal autonomy, particularly when it comes to choices as to dating and mating. Of course, you have the freedom to apologize to me and to my wife for your imputations about myself and your implication that she is just a little girl.

    From the love of knowledge to the knowledge of love,

    the dankprofessor

    Comment by dankprofessor | May 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. Professor Dank,

    This is a great website. I stumbled upon it. Thank you for sharing your information.

    Comment by Shalina | June 30, 2009 | Reply

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