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Creating Professor Lisa Chavez as an harasser

The University Diaries blog critically reviewed one of Lisa Chavez’s poems and UD found the poem to be outside of her preferred poetics.  But such does not really concern the dankprofessor.  What irritated me is the response of blog reader Laura. Her response follows-
This post made my day, as I absolutely hated this poem when I came across it some time ago. It’s smug, mean, and does its best to destroy collegiality. Like Chavez seems to have done at UNM – remember this is the dominatrix sex worker prof. who harassess her students and colleagues. Next we’ll see her write: “The White professor Holds Forth on Sex Worker Profs who post images of doing sex work on our students. We’re such an oppressed group.” Nice title, huh?
It’s not her excessive sss  in “harassess” but rather her convoluted thinking that leads her to believe that Professor Chavez had harassed someone. And who did she harass?  The student who was involved in the controversial scenario has publicly protested that she was never harassed by Lisa Chavez, and that the people supposedly protecting her essentially treated her as a non-person; they don’t care about her, what her experience had been with Professor Chavez and what she might have to say about Lisa Chavez. 
As for Professor Chavez harassing her colleagues, Chavez engaged in the sm scenario never invoking her university or her professorial affiliations.  She was involuntarily outed then investigated and found by UNM to not have engaged in any conduct meriting UNM attention.  Case closed?  Of course such is not the case since the Director of Creative Writing in the English department along with some of her colleagues are engaged in a public sexual crusade to get “rid” of Chavez.
Laura states Lisa Chavez “is the dominatrix sex worker prof”. Of course, she was never a sex worker professor.  She separated the two occupational roles.  It was others, such as Laura, who help create this imagery. 
What perplexes the dankprofessor is that no one at the University Diaries blog has come forward to critique Laura’s view.
The dankprofessor has found UD’s critical faculties to be most impressive.  But in this case to date, UD has remained silent.  
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