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University students engage in public sex in museum

Pravda reports– “In late February a group of young people visited the Timiryazev State Museum of Biology in Moscow. Instead of scrutinizing mammoth tusks and other exhibits they entered a museum room, grouped in pairs and started to have sex.”

Participating sex players were from the art-group Voina (WAR); a number of the participants were students from the Department of Philosophy at Moscow State University.

What is being called as a collective fuck action took place under a banner with the slogan “Fuck for heir Puppy Bear”. For pictures of this sex action click here. Reactions to the action can also be found at that site.

On February 29 the Voina group staged the “Fuck for the heir Puppy Bear!” action 2 days prior to the presidential elections in Russia on March 2.

The action took place in Moscow’s Biological museum underneath the banner with the motto.

An anarchist website reported-

The demonstration was set to support the Kremlin candidate – Vice-premier Dmitry Medvedev, who is to become successor to President Putin after the expected overwhelming majority in Sunday’s vote. While some claim today’s elections a profanation of a just and democratic political process with complete media control and authoritarian oppression of opposition forces by Putin’s govenment, the Voina has decided to step out and show it’s level of involvement in the political process by directing the group’s energy towards the inexperienced “Puppy Bear” at the beginning of his long path – in a situation when the decided outcome demands no passionate voice from the voter.

The pet name “Puppy Bear” is derived from the etymology of Mr. Medvedev’s surname meaning “bear”.

As one might expect, the powers that be in Moscow did not have a favorable view of the sex action. Pravda stated- “The students broke a rule of universal human morality with their performance.” However, not to be expected was the fact that there is no law in Russia prohibiting sex in public. However, the sex demonstrators could be penalized via disorderly conduct ordinances. Apparently, such has not occurred.

I could find no information as to why the protesting sex engaging group chose a museum of biology for their exhibition. However, the dankprofessor is free to speculate that since the group has an art orientation and since their exhibit is in part of a biological nature, then a biological museum as their venue could be seen as a logical choice. After all, museums have always been receptive to those with an exhibitionism bent.

Of course, if such sex exhibits were to take pace in the United States, there would be a myriad of reactions. Lawyers would have a field day with some arguing that political public sex acts should be viewed as protected political speech.

I look forward to covering the public sex political situation in Russia, and to covering or uncovering such developments as they may occur in the ongoing U.S. political campaigns.

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