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Consensual Sex Day coming in April

The California chapter of NOW has selected a day in April to celebrate/observe Consensual Sex Day (or I love Consensual Sex Day) and it is expected that the observances will be primarily on California university campuses. NOW has indicated that the primary reason for holding a Consensual Sex Day is because “Most people don’t want to talk about rape, but lots of people want to talk about Consensual Sex. This campaign will open up communication about consent, asking and teaching people what consent is and how to ask for exactly what you want”.

Of course, it is feminism which has made a mishmash of the the concept of consent. And NOW, which is a major branch of the formal feminist movement, is going to get involved in teaching people “…how to ask for exactly what you want.”
In the dankprofessor’s opinion such represents other worldly thinking. Will NOW go on campus and tell members of student professor couples that they can sexually consent if they clearly ask each other what they want? Will the NOW teachers flagrantly disregard the feminist mantra that “differential power precludes consent”?

What the campus feminist movement has been about is telling students, specifically female students, that they are incapable of having a consensual relationship with an other when the other occupies a position of greater power.
Obviously, the NOW Consensual Sex Day could not have the support of leading campus feminist thinkers.

In addition California NOW will be marketing Consensual Sex Day shirts, stickers and buttons. I guess shirts labeled with a Consensual Sex Day insignia will have greater marketing power than shirts with a differential power precludes consent insignia.

In the dankprofessor’s opinion, this Consensual Sex Day is a mindless and deceptive marketing and recruiting tool for NOW. The utter absurdity of this day is reflected in NOW’s associated effort “…considering legislation that would require campuses to teach the definition of consent.” And if such legislation actually comes about, will students be given the right to consent or dissent in regards to being taught about consensual sex? Such is another example of campus feminism running amok.

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February 6, 2008 - Posted by | consensual relationships, ethics, feminism, higher education, rape, sex, sexual politics, student professor dating

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