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Dankprofessor unplugged

It’s been just about two months since the dankprofessor emerged from the netherworld, from the dank bogs and cellars of American universities trekking thru myriad sites of the internet and settling into the world of blogdom. 

Some have asked for what purpose has the dankprofessor taken this flite into the blog world? Such has occurred in part to replace the Bank of America with a Dank of America where people can go and feel safe to socialize and romanticize, to think about and contemplate whatever without fear of penalty, without fear of a thought police or sexual patrols, without meddlers and various and sundry intruders creating patriarchal and matriarchal structures for protecting the multitudes from themselves.   However, the dankprofessor must choose and the dankprofessor has chosen for attention universities in North America which have descended into a black hole of political and sexual correctness; a correctness where developing a sense of inclusive welcomeness trumps academic freedom, where everyone has  a right not to be offended and where the creation of personal liaisons must be bureaucratically blessed.

In this anemic academic world, academics watch as their confreres are barred from classrooms and brought before tribunals for violating speech and sexual codes.  This is the world that the dankprofessor wishes to deal with, a world which, of course, goes beyond university campuses, a world where a hug might be considered unprofessional.

I do not see my efforts to be heroic although I gratefully acknowledge the status of internet hero which has just been bestowed upon me.  The fact of the matter is that I need help, help in getting more blog exposure, help in navigating thru a blog technology maze in the context of not being all that technologically sophisticated; I have yet to master the widgetry world and am still stumbling when it comes to getting hooked into stumbleupon.  And yes, I am reaching out to a person to guide me in mastering blog technology.  And I need more persons to give me leads to  articles, other blogs, breaking stories, etc.

My first two months in blogdom has been great.  In part it has been made great by the support of Professor John Bonnell.  Thank you, John.

Yours in blogdom,

the dankprofessor

If you wish, you can write to me directly at dankprofessor@msn.com
Guest commentaries should also be submitted for consideration to the same email address.

Barry M. Dank aka the dankprofessor.

© Copyright 2007


October 23, 2007 - Posted by | academic freedom, blogs, higher education

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