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Toe Tapping and the restless leg syndrome.

The more I read about the Senator Craig case, the clearer it becomes that Craig could have gotten away with it legally since legally he should have been able to walk, there simply was nothing there if Craig chose to argue that there was nothing. But instead he pleas guilty to a lesser charge, disorderly conduct, and said charge had no relation to the original charge. In no way  could it be demonstrated that Craig had engaged in any form of disorderly conduct.   Of course, a fallacious argument could be bought by some that in the name of protecting men from unwanted solicitation, any means would be OK.  Such of course could be viewed as a subset of the culture of comfort that has been promulgated on American university campuses- an unwanted look, a stare, using the wrong epithet- is enought to warrant a sexual harassment charge in the context of protecting fragile female egos. But such would not be applicable to the Craig case since unwilling others, the naive and/or fragile had no idea as to what is going on; if  the code is truly arcane then knowing nothing means perceiving toilet toe tapping as just another case of restless leg syndrome.  In any case, the good senator went looking for sex in all the wrong places while wrapping himself in a breastplate of righteousness, and he has paid the price for his moral turpitude.

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September 4, 2007 - Posted by | Senator Craig, sexual politics, sexual rights, Uncategorized

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